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alliance@work cares for you and your employees.
Complete on-site salary account opening at no cost
Zero deposit for salary account opening
Competitive rate for deposits and financing
Financing for debt consolidation
Free MEPS waiver
24/7 remittance service & prepaid reload via Cash2Home mobile app
Loan & Financing
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We provide customised banking solutions to help manage your day-to-day business needs.

Business Current Account
Manage your business cash flow and optimise cash reserves.
Cash Management
Your solution for a better cash control.
Auto Funds Transfer (ATF) Service
Auto Debit
Payee Corporations
Trade Financing
Improve your business model and find ways to facilitate better transaction.
Alliance BizSmart® eTrade
Financing Solutions
Trade Services
Over The Counter (OTC) Trade Services
Business Credit Card
Get return and be rewarded for your corporate spending.
Visa Infinite Business Credit Card
Business Platinum Card
Diversify your assets through an array of comprehensive financial tools designed to cater to your unique investment appetite.
Unit Trust
Structured Investment
Dual Current Investment
Retail Bond
Portfolio Financing
Portfolio financing allows you to capitalise on your existing investments (eg. shares, unit trust, bonds, and other key liquid assets) to maximise your purchasing power.
All You Need to Venture to the Halal Market.
Halal-in-One is a channel aimed at empowering partners like you to tap into the fast-growing halal market.
Business matching
Halal certification
Halal funding
Empowering Your Business With an End-to-End Solution.
The perfect solution for merchants to achieve business growth.
Alliance BizSmart online banking
Business account
Business insurance
E-commerce solution
SME merchant financing
Our E-Services Lets You Manage Financial Activities From Anywhere
Foreign Employee Payroll Made Easy
Check your payroll account balance easily
Reload your prepaid mobile number directly
Perform cash deposits & withdrawals anywhere, anytime
Send cash to 10 supported countries instantly
Malaysia’s FIRST mobile eTrade financing platform
Complete online form and upload supporting documents for approval
Access your account and perform eTrade transaction anytime anywhere
Get real-time notification on your transaction and fund disbursement status