Advisory & Consultancy

BizAdvisor Digital

One-Stop Digital Business Consultancy Firm.

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Helping Businesses Grow.

Complimentary Best Jalan Book
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AGV Sustainability

Results-Based ESG Reporting .

Complimentary Capacity-Building on Net Zero
Decarbonization Strategies Worth RM7,500
with Sustainability / ESG Reporting services sign-ups.

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Your Asian Intellectual Property Partner.

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Dynamic-X Consulting

Inspire X70 HCM & ERP Consulting Services Provider.

Complimentary Preliminary Business Consultancy.

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AI Smartual Learning

Vpoll, Vwrite, Vsustain, Vlearned, Vtrain.

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Free trial until 31 December 2022.

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Thoughts in Gear

Sustainability Consulting Malaysia.

Sustainability training & due diligence,
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UN Global Compact Network Malaysia

Act Globally Engage Locally.

Corporate sustainability initiative
to advance societal goals.

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