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Alliance Bank BizSmart | Need HELP?

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Alliance Bank BizSmart | Need HELP?

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Want to manage your business costs?

Discover our cost-effective solutions that help you reduce your operational cost in the dynamic business environment.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Celcom business

Power your business with exclusive rates on simplified and flexible business mobile plans.


Claim up to RM5,000 via SME Digitisation Grant for your Celcom Business solution.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Supplycart

Manage procurement and spend more efficiently with a cloud-based e-procurement platform.


Get 1-month FREE trial + 50% OFF on first-year annual subscription fees on our ADAM software.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Cheng & Co - The Firm of the Future

Enjoy cost-effective services in accounting and payroll outsourcing, cloud-based tax and wealth management.


Get access to free webinars + exclusive offers on Corporate Secretarial, Business Consultancy, and Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing Services.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | COMPLETE HUMAN NETWORK - Enabling Enterprise Mobility

Get your mobile devices and solutions with lease-to-use and lease-to-own options and save on your business expenditure to improve cash flow.


Get up to 15% OFF when you lease mobile devices with tenures up to 24 months.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | BizSmart<sup>®</sup> Webinars

Get the latest updates on government initiatives and incentives from industry leaders in tax advisory and business consultancy.

Alliance Bank BizSmart |<sup>®</sup>

Enjoy online access to supplier payments, payroll solution and secure trade financing, saving your employees time and reducing cost.

Want to ready your business for digitisation?

We can help you with tools and resources to modernise your operations and team.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | SQL Account, Payroll

Optimise administrative workload with our accounting, payroll and point-of-sale software.


Get 15% OFF our accounting and payroll software.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | otomate me

Automate your communication tools for seamless reminders and business transactions through email, WhatsApp and SMS.


Get a discount + waiver on setup and subscription fees up to RM400.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | panpages Q Trinity

Improve your digital footprint with end-to-end analysis, customised rebranding solutions, and holistic digital and branding strategies.


Get up to RM6,000 OFF our Alliance Technology Solution Provider packages + complimentary digital audit services.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | TRINERGY

Digitise your business with services from UI/UX design, website development and mobile apps to fully customised systems and digital strategy.


Get FREE eDM creation worth RM1,800 + 1,000 FREE credits with a minimum purchase of 10,000 credits.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | BizSmart<sup>®</sup> Webinars

Learn the necessary digital skill-sets required for your business to excel in the modern era from subject matter experts.

Alliance Bank BizSmart |<sup>®</sup>

Digitalise your business banking transactions to operate more efficiently, with online banking and e-trade facilities.

Want to boost your online visibility and sales?

Explore our range of solutions that help you enhance your digital marketing skills, online presence and customer experience.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | MONO & CO.

Optimise your e-commerce with our fulfilment and marketing tools to bring in sales to your channels.


Get a discount of up to RM1,000 on monthly subscription fees.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Avana

Sell digitally on the website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram through automation and systems integration.


Get a 3 month free trial of our system
(RM60/month subsequently).

Alliance Bank BizSmart | ZETPY

Scale revenue and growth with an omnichannel data technology platform, integrated with Lazada, Shopee, Prestomall and


Get a complimentary trial worth RM350 for the first 300 orders.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | ninjavan

Extend your reach across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, via a personalised shipment management dashboard.


Get 10% off on Ninja Packs for your delivery needs.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Suport LOKAL! BizSmart Solution

Get listed as a solution provider to gain more exposure and market your products to our business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) base.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Shopee, airasia shop

Let us help your business get listed on the biggest e-commerce platforms in Malaysia!

Want to develop your employees and provide them with more benefits?

Take advantage of our solutions that help enhance your staff and business processes without incurring additional headcount.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | CentralHR

Get payroll and HR solutions tailored to your business requirements with seamless integration to your current work processes.


Get up to 30% discount for payroll outsourcing services.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | GreatDay HR

Manage attendance records, leave requests, claims and tax calculations with real-time access for easy reporting.


Get a FREE 3 month trial of GreatDay's HR system.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | POWERUP

Let us help you generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that convert into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) to help elevate your business and meet demand generation.


Get a discount of up to 70% on sales optimisation and digital marketing services for lead generation and conversion.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Sunway University iLABS

Stimulate market-driven innovations and learn entrepreneurship skills via training sessions and talks that help you and your employees become more competitive in this rapidly changing environment.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Redbeat Academy

Learn today's relevant industry trends that make you and your team highly employable, while learning skill-sets required for the modern era.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | alliance @ work

Automate your payroll and provide banking benefits to your employees like higher deposit rates, lowered credit card requirements and more at no cost to you.

Want to expand your business into the halal market?

Differentiate your business against competition while getting access to new market segments and exporting your halal products and services overseas.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Halal in One - Alliance Islamic Bank


Alliance Bank BizSmart | HALVEC Laboratories - Halal Verification & Consultation Laboratories


Alliance Bank BizSmart | AT MART by Asian Taste, myhalmart


Alliance Bank BizSmart | halal2go


Alliance Bank BizSmart | @Halal


Alliance Bank BizSmart | In need of financial support for your business?

In need of financial support for your business? Need to ease your business cash flow?

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Why choose BizSmart® Solution?

As a business-to-business digital platform, BizSmart® Solution allows you to:

Find new customers for your products & services.

Get the right tools & advisory at a discount to grow your business.

Gain access to
market reports.

Reduce your
operational cost.

Provide benefits to
your employees.

Free access to materials to upskill & reskill for you & your employees.