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Technological advancement and digitalization allow us to evolve and adapt to changing times. However, it is facing a problem: Climate Change. An effective way to reconcile technology with the environment is circular computers.

How Does It Work

Rentwise specialises in the remanufacturing of used business-grade computers, transforming them into fully functional devices that work like new. By doing so, Rentwise offering their clients a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to their computing needs.

Rent remanufactured computers today. Pay Less. Get More!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Rental contract is subject to credit approval.
  2. Prices indicate monthly rate per unit over a 3-year contract.
  3. Comes with original Microsoft Windows license.
  4. Compliementary 1 backup unit for every 25 desktops or 20 laptops.
  5. The listed price is subject to change.
  6. Complimentary delivery for West Malaysia / Peninsular Malaysia.
  7. Fulfilment of orders within 7 working days upon receipt of minimum 3 months security deposit, subject to stock availability.
  8. Delivery to East Malaysia will incur additional delivery charges in accordance to published rates on time of delivery.