Alliance Bank : Helping Malaysian SMEs Digitise Their Business

Industrial Insight > Alliance Bank : Helping Malaysian SMEs Digitise Their Business
Nov 6 2020
By The Digital Banker

Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (referred to as “Alliance Bank” or “the bank”), best known for its support of Malaysian SMEs, continues to build alliances to improve lives by “creating a digital ecosystem with like-minded partners to offer complete business solutions so businesses can transform digitally,” said Ms Fozia Amanulla, Group Chief Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank.

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, SMEs contributed 38.9% to Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2019. This is why Alliance Bank’s BizSmart® Solution is important as it brings together a community of business, enabling business owners to reach out to new customers, access relevant business solutions and resources, and manage operational expenses efficiently.

Ms Amanulla said that the Bank has enhanced and improved the BizSmart® Solution Portal to focus on the key areas needed to help SMEs continue to generate income and sustain the business. “Together with our partners, we have designed a digital ecosystem to help businesses in the areas of digital strategy and branding, accounting and supply chain systems, logistics and inventory management, demand generation and conversion, as well as digital banking services.”

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