Healthcare and Wellbeing


Provide QUALITY, Uphold TRUST, Engineer INNOVATION, Nurture HUMANITY.

We manufacture & provide the
finest first aid kits for all your needs.

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Klinik Kenit

Your Family Healthcare Revolution.

SETIAP KENIT | A Community Programme
Get full support in terms of developmental stimulation,
Responsive care, health & nutrition.

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LPM Sports Medicine

Powered by Performance.

Get 30% Off on all sports &
technical protective products.

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Denwell Corporate

Premium Personal Care & Wellness Base Products.

Full range of melt & pour soap
bases and more.

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Teras Impiana

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVG) Disinfection Services.

Get up to 30% Discount on Ultraviolet Germicidal
Irradiation (UVG) Disinfection Services.

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Treat First, Pay Later!

Seamless Medical Management Solutions.

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Excia (Showa)

There's Comfort in Quality.

Get 15% Off with a minimum
purchase of RM500.

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Soundlife Healthcare

Better Hearing, Better Life.

Get RM70 Discount on an Advanced Diagnostic
Hearing Test worth RM150.

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Building a World With Healthy Skin.

Enjoy a 40% Discount for
beauty salon owners (Exclusive for B2B).

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Digital Savvy

Medical Care from Wellness to Health.

Free services for individuals
& self-paying employees.

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Enviro Group Asia | Cordless Sprayer

Professional Disinfection - Anytime, Anywhere!

40% Off Cordless Sprayer (RRP RM799).

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Enviro Group Asia | Healthway

Clean Indoor Air for Better Health.

31% Off HealthWay Deluxe Air Purifier (RRP RM4,559)
& HealthWay Compact Air Purifier (RRP 2,599).

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