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QNE Software

QNE Software

QNE Software

Payroll Processing with HR System Integration is Made Possible via
Our Secure, Cloud-Based Platform


Real-Time Processing

QNE modules are fully integrated with each other.
When an information is added into the system,
all other related area will be updated
instantly at the same time.



QNE is a client-server-based account software that
only send SQL queries to the server, making heavy data
processing over the network much faster!


Data Size Handling

With SQL client/server database, QNE accounting
software is able to handle higher data limit
compare to file-based systems.


Database Security

By hosting your database to Microsoft Azure,
the database is 100% secured as it is protected
with an automated backup system by creating
copies of your database in 2 separate Azure servers.


Scheduled Backup

QNE allows users to perform scheduled
data backup at a specified time without having
the online user to exit from the system.

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QNE Software

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