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SAMAIDEN Group Berhad

Renewable Energy for the Environment & the Future

Enjoy 3% Off your solar panel
installions now.

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OrangeFIN Asia

A Robotic Companion That You Can Trust.

Enjoy 33% Off license model
& 25% Off SAAS (Subscription) model.

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SOLS Energy

Let Solar Work for You.

Get tier 1 solar system components
(15% cheaper than market price).

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Digital Savvy

Medical Care from Wellness to Health.

Free services for individuals
& self-paying employees.

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The Right Choice

Claim up to RM23,000 worth of benefits
Exclusive for Alliance Bank Customers.

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Allsome Fulfillment

Keep Things Moving.

Free 1 Meter Cube Storage
+ RM118 Rebate (Handling Fee).

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Get Better Work Done Together with 24/7 Office on-Demand.

Exclusive co-working offers & more
for Alliance Bank customers.

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Maecenas tempus, tellus uam semper libero.
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