For companies applying for BNM’s Low Carbon Transition Facility. Key in details below.


The Bank Negara Malaysia’s Low Carbon Transition Facility (LCTF) is a financing facility created to encourage and support SMEs to adopt sustainable practices for business resilience. LCTF can be used to finance capital expenditure to install equipment to generate renewable energy, such as solar system. Alliance Bank, together with our partners, will work towards to deliver a hassle free journey for your business to go green, from project consultation, solar system installation to financing solution.

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Manage My Operational Cost

Why You Should Finance Your Solar Implementation with Alliance Bank?


Alliance Bank BizSmart | Manage My Operational Cost

Alliance Bank BizSmart | Manage My Operational Cost

Term Loan / Term Financing up to 10 years to fund capital expenditure (capex) for the purchase and installation of a solar system up to a maximum financing limit up to RM10mil and capping up to 90% of the solar system cost, whichever is lower. Flexible drawdown mode allows one lump sum or progressive drawdown in accordance with the invoice from the service provider.

Key Requirements

  1. Company must be more than 3 years in operation with a minimum of RM500k in annual turnover;
  2. Company must meet the definition of SMEs as issued by SME Corporation Malaysia and at least 51% of shares are held by Malaysians.

Click here for list of eligible solar solution providers.